Ar·me·ni·an || ɑr'mɪːnɪən /ɑːm- n. native or resident of Armenia adj. of Armenian origin, of or pertaining to Armenia (country in western Asia) n. language spoken in Armenia (country in Asia)

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  • Armenian — may refer to *Resident of or something associated with the Republic of Armenia. *It also refers to people of ethnic Armenian origin residing in other countries (e.g. Lebanese Armenians, American Armenians, French Armenians etc) *Armenian /… …   Wikipedia

  • Armenian — Ar*me ni*an, a. [Cf. F. Arm[ e]nien, L. Armenias, fr. Armenia.] Of or pertaining to Armenia. [1913 Webster] {Armenian bole}, a soft clayey earth of a bright red color found in Armenia, Tuscany, etc. {Armenian stone}. (a) The commercial name of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Armenian — Ar*me ni*an, n. 1. A native or one of the people of Armenia; also, the language of the Armenians. [1913 Webster] 2. (Eccl. Hist.) An adherent of the Armenian Church, an organization similar in some doctrines and practices to the Greek Church, in… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Armenian — 1590s, a native of Armenia, from Armenia (late 14c. in English), place name traced to 521 C.E., but of uncertain origin. As the name of the language, by 1718; as an adjective, by 1727 …   Etymology dictionary

  • Armenian — [är mēn′yən, ärmē′nē ən] adj. of Armenia or its people, language, or culture n. 1. a person born or living in Armenia 2. the language spoken in Armenia, constituting a branch of the Indo European family of languages …   English World dictionary

  • Armenian — /ahr mee nee euhn, meen yeuhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to Armenia, its inhabitants, or their language. n. 2. a native of Armenia. 3. the language of the Armenians, an Indo European language written in a distinctive script dating from the 5th… …   Universalium

  • Armenian — 1. adjective /ɑːˈmiːniən,ɑːrˈmiːniən/ Of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, the Armenian people, the Armenian language, or the Armenian alphabet. 2. noun /ɑːˈmiːniən,ɑːrˈmiːniən/ a) A person from Armenia or of Armenian descent …   Wiktionary

  • Armenian — noun Date: 1537 1. a member of a people dwelling chiefly in Armenia and neighboring areas (as Turkey or Azerbaijan) 2. the Indo European language of the Armenians see Indo European languages table 3. a member of the Armenian church established by …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Armenian — [α: mi:nɪən] noun 1》 a native of Armenia or a person of Armenian descent. 2》 the Indo European language of Armenia. adjective relating to Armenia, its language, or its Church …   English new terms dictionary

  • Armenian — n. & adj. n. 1 a a native of Armenia, an ancient kingdom corresponding to an area in modern Turkey, Iran, and the USSR. b a person of Armenian descent. 2 the language of Armenia. adj. of or relating to Armenia, its language, or the Christian… …   Useful english dictionary

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